Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Bobby Jimmy And The Critters - Roaches: The Beginning (1986)

A1 Rush It
A2 New York Rapper
A3 Bring It On Home
A4 Gotta Potty
B1 Big Butt
B2 Roaches
B3 We Like Ugly Women
B4 Bag Bobby Jimmy Jam

128 kb/s


MC Hammer - Feel My Power (1987)

A1 That's What I Said
A2 Ring 'Em
A3 Get It Started
A4 Feel My Power
B1 The Thrill Is Gone
B2 Mix It Toss It & Bust It
B3 Son Of The King
B4 Brother Versus Brother
B5 I Can Make It Better

192 kb/s


John Davis - Destination Earth (1984)

A1 Destination Earth
A2 Mister Break - Electro Tube
A3 Check It Out
B1 The Uptown Message
B2 Super Sonic Space Rock Bop
B3 Robot Baby Jane

224 kb/s


Various - B Girls Live And Kicking (1987)

A1 L.A. Star - B Girls
A2 Sparky D - Throw Down
A3 5 Star Moet - Moet Gets Busy (Shante Dis)
A4 Baby Doll - You Can't Break B-Boys
A5 L.A. Star - Sex
B1 L.A. Star - Write That Rhyme (Salt & Peppa Diss)
B2 Sparky D - Sparky's Back
B3 5 Star Moet - Give Me Your Love
B4 Baby Doll - You Can't Break B-Boys (Instrumental)
B5 L.A. Star - LA Gear

192 kb/s


Praxis - 1984 (1984)



Last Wish




192 kb/s


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Audio Two & Alliance - Flip-Flop (1986)

A1 Audio Two - I Like Cherries 3:44
A2 Audio Two - "Chillin" 4:45
A3 Audio Two - The Freshest Slowest Jam 4:43
B1 Alliance - Where's The Fellas 5:04
B2 Alliance - We Got The Beat Part II (Rough, Rough) 5:37
B3 Alliance - Why Oh Girl 5:32



Saturday, April 17, 2010

Various - Uptown Is Kickin' It (1986)

A1 Heavy D. & The Boyz - Mr Big Stuff 4:58
A2 Groove B Chill - Why Me 4:54
A3 Finesse & Synquis - Bass Game 4:58
A4 Uptown Crew, The - Uptown Is Kickin' It 3:52

B1 Brothers Black, The - I Can't Stop 3:00
B2 Marley Marl - He Cuts So Fresh 4:10
B3 Woody Rock - Stress 3:50

256 kb/s


Velore & Double-O - We're Coming Correct (1987)

Dis Side
A1 Introduction

A2 Yo! I'm American

A3 We Will Rock You We Will Krush You

A4 Da Boyz Are In Da House

A5 Your Ugly

A6 Flatbush Style

Dat Side
B1 Have To Let You Go

B2 Rhymes Galore

B3 She's Fine

B4 None Of Your Biz

B5 Rock Da House

256 kb/s


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Audio Two - What More Can I Say? (1988)

Top Billin'

What More Can I Say?

When The 2 Is On The Mic

I Like Cherries

I Don't Care

Giz Starts Buggin'

Make It Funky

Hickeys Around My Neck

Put It 2 Music

Top Billin' (Instrumental)

The Questions

192 kb/s


2 Live Crew - What I Like (1984)

What I Like (Vocal)

What I Like (Instrumental)

What I Like (Scratch Version)

128 kb/s


2 Live Crew - The Revelation / 2 Live (1984)

The Revelation

2 Live

192 kb/s


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Above The Law - Murder Rap (1990)

Murder Rap 4:14
Murder Rap (Instrumental) 4:14
Another Execution 4:20
Another Execution (Instrumental) 4:14


Young & Restless - Something To Get You Hyped (1990)

Something To Get You Hyped

It Just Wasn't Our Day

B Girls

Cold Get Ill

Gimme Them Guts

Funky Az Bass Line

Louie, Louie

Poison Ivy (Remix)